CCDE Practical Bootcamp April 3-7, 2017 - Utrecht, Netherlands

I am excited to announce my CCDE Practical Exam Bootcamp in Utrecht, Netherland, the week of April 3rd, 2017. This training class will utilize the CCDE Practice Exams I have developed and refined over the last several years, as well as a set of case studies and technology-specific materials that are exclusive to my live training. I have delivered this training many times over the last seven years, always with excellent student feedback. Below is the daily itinerary:

April 3rd
CCDE Exam Overview
CallCo Case Study
Enterprise Practice Exam #1
April 4th
Practice Exam Review
DASCom Case Study
Service Provider Practice Exam #1
April 5th
Practice Exam Review
TradeSys Case Study
IS-IS, Multicast
Enterprise Practice Exam #2
April 6th
Practice Exam Review
MegaCorp Case Study
Service Provider Practice Exam #2
April 7th
Practice Exam Review
 CCDE Exam Discussion
QoS, Security, Management

A partial list of technologies covered during this course includes:
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IS-IS, Multicast)
  • IPv6 Transition Techniques
  • Tunneling (MPLS, GRE, DMVPN, IPSEC)
  • Service Provider Technologies (L3VPN, VPLS, Pseudowires)
  • Security (uRPF, Filtering, Encryption, DDoS)
  • Quality of Service (Congestion Management, Congestion Avoidance, Packet Marking)
  • Network Management (Netflow, SNMP, IPFIX, OOB Management)
Class will be held each day from 8:30am - 5:00pm, with approximately two hours of homework each evening. These will be busy days!

To register for this class, please email go to My Eventbrite Registration Page. This class is also available for remote attendance via Webex. Registration to this class entitles you to unlimited access to all of my online content until you pass the CCDE exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has this training helped other CCDEs pass the Practical exam? And who is Jeremy Filliben?

I passed the CCDE Practical Exam in February 2009 (CCDE #20090003), and began developing training materials in early 2010. I have been fortunate enough to assist over 95 successful CCDEs during their preparation for the practical exam. It has been said that the CCDE program is a test of experience, rather than a test of knowledge. Successful candidates must have extensive exposure to networking technologies and significant experience designing complex networks. The purpose of this class is twofold. First, it will expose candidates to unfamiliar network designs and technologies. We will cover all five CCDE content areas and many common network designs. Second, it will describe the types of questions candidates face on the CCDE practical exam and assist them in understanding how to approach this test. My goal is to remove the uncertainty that first time CCDE candidates face prior to taking the exam, and to clear up any confusion that previous candidates have after taking the exam.

What are the prerequisites?

I expect most participants to have passed the CCDE Written exam (352-001), and I highly recommend that everyone read the following books from the CCDE Practical Reading List:
  • Optimal Routing Design
  • Definitive MPLS Network Designs 
  • BGP Design and Implementation
  • End-to-End QoS Network Design
I anticipate that most class participants will be taking the CCDE Practical Exam on May 11th, but that is not a requirement. Previous participants have chosen to take my training several months in advance of their practical exam date to decide how prepared they are for the attempt. They later attend (at no additional charge) my online review sessions to refresh their knowledge of the exam and learn of any changes to the CCDE program.

Where will the class be held?

Our class will be held at the La Vie Utrecht, in Utrecht, Netherlands. The address for the facility is:

La Vie Utrecht
Lange Viestraat 351
3511 Utrecht

Travel Details:

La Vie Utrecht is located in the heart of Utrecht, approximately 40km from Amsterdam Airport Schipol, a major international airport. There are many nearby hotels within walking distance of the classroom. Here is a list of recommendations from the training facility.

Do you offer private CCDE classes?

If your organization would like a private CCDE class, please contact me via email. I have limited availability to offer additional training, but we may be able to find a suitable date to meet your needs.

Can I attend the class remotely?

I am currently working with the training facility to confirm that I can offer a remote attendance option for this class. Stay tuned!

Do I have access to additional resources after the class?

Of course! All students who attend my bootcamp class will have unlimited access to all of my online resources until they pass the CCDE Practical exam. I provide quarterly online review sessions and I offer additional practice exams at no charge to my students. If you would like to attend the bootcamp class again, you may do so for a nominal materials fee of $299 USD.
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