Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Professional Update and July CCDE Practice Exams

I'm back! What do I mean by this? After several months at a new job in the financial industry, my family and I decided that relocating to the New York metropolitan area wasn't for us. I regret not having figured that out before taking the new job, but I believe this was one of those decisions that couldn't have been made until it became real. Sincere "Thank You's" go out to everyone at my former employer. What an incredible group of people.

"I'm back" means that I intend to post here considerably more often than I have so far this year. I won't be telling stories of my time in finance due to the sensitivity of that industry, but I'm sure I can find interesting things to say. "I'm back" also means I will again be offering my CCDE Practice Exams (details below). It also means that I am returning to my previous employer. They were gracious to invite me back to work, and I am excited to return.

July CCDE Practice Exams

I have been asked by several CCDE candidates to offer my practice exams earlier in the testing cycle. It was my expectation that most candidates would like to use this offering as a refresher at the end of their study plan. It turns out many would like to begin their studies with an exam to determine where they stand in relation to the test. I hadn't thought of this, but it makes perfect sense to me. Therefore, I am offering my CCDE Practice Exam sessions in July, three months prior to the October 21st testing date. I am considering offering the sessions again in September/October for procrastinators as well :) This will also make the training available to candidates who are attending Cisco Live the week of July 10th.

The Enterprise-focused practice exam review session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th at 5pm ET. The Service Provider-focused session will be on Saturday, July 16th at 12pm ET (noon). Links to the registration pages for each session, and for the combination of the two can be found below:

Enterprise Registration Page

Service Provider Registration Page

Combo (both exams at a discounted price)

If you have any questions, please email me at I look forward to your participation, and I'm excited to be returning to blogging!