Thursday, February 11, 2010

Special Guest Post – Eman Conde (The CCIE Agent)

As a favor to my friend (and fellow Delawarean) Eman Conde, I am posting this note.  To clarify, I (Jeremy Filliben) will not be attending the Bahrain Cisco Live event, although it sounds like great fun!


From the Desk of the CCIE Agent ((Eman):

Cisco Networkers 2010

March 28-31



I am a real fan of Networkers or as Cisco began to call the event, “Cisco Live”. But I received some great news; they are calling it Networkers again. Really, in Bahrain this next month Cisco Networkers is scheduled for March 28 thru 31. These events are worth the pilgrimage many of us make to attend. I have begun my plans for attending Networkers in Bahrain and I hope to see many of you there. If you find me I will give every CCIE a CCIE Flyer wagon and take a photo to use in the CCIE Flyer magazine. I will have to endure great hardships to get there. I will have to leave the warmth of my home crossing the mountains of snow left by two sequential blizzards here in Delaware. Endure the frosty glare of security thugs at the airport and the long flight time having cocktails with strangers. The things I do for you guys; I swear!

A Pilgrimage to remember

My last trip to Networkers er…ah Cisco Live (sorry John) was in 2008. Since I live on the east coast here in the USA I decided I would make the trip all the way to Orlando in my car. That was a fun event and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the CCIE Party and the many events and displays. But Networkers is much better for techies to attend. There are labs, training, product demos, opportunities to meet with Cisco experts, design clinics, consultancy for troubleshooting specific scenarios, educational sessions, and many exhibitors providing many more interesting opportunities for network engineers to benefit from the event.




Breakout Sessions

IT Insights Program

Technical Seminars


Case Studies

Technology Panels

Birds of a Feather

Cisco Career Certification

Meet the Engineer

Technology Solutions

Customer Advisory Committee

Recommended Reading List

Green Initiative


At Cisco Networkers Bahrain, you'll build the knowledge you need to make a powerful difference in your organization. You'll find answers to your questions on specific technologies and network environments. You'll learn about the emerging trends in technology and communications that will change the way people live and work. You'll gain new insight into how evolving network technologies will affect business strategy. And you can earn the certifications that demonstrate to current and future employers your skill and expertise.

In a challenging economic climate, value is more important than ever. Cisco Networkers Bahrain offers the education you need to make you a more valuable resource in your workplace by making your workplace more efficient and effective.

So please mark your calendars and send me a note so I know where to find you!

Bahrain here I come!!!

- Eman

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