Monday, June 21, 2010

Cisco Live 2010 Schedule

For anyone who is interested, I’ve posted my tentative Cisco Live 2010 schedule below.  I have a habit of switching sessions at the last minute, so if you don’t see me at one of these Breakout Sessions, don’t assume I slept in.  :)  I’ll be especially vigilant this year, with both my manager and my wife in attendance!  I added asterisks to my “must see” sessions.

My primary focuses for this year’s event are Data Center Interconnect and IPv6 Preparation.  I also sprinkled in a few sessions that caught my eye, such as IS-IS Network Design and the VPN Panel.  It occurred to me after last year that if I was interested in a panel discussion, it is necessary to attend in person.  I couldn’t find any of the sessions on Cisco Live Virtual last year.

As always, if you see me walking by, please say hi.



Start: 1:00 PM End: 5:00 PM

*** LTRDCT-2008 Deploying Overlay Transport Virtualization



Start: 9:30 AM End: 11:30 AM

BRKSEC-2145 MPLS Security

Start: 11:00 AM End: 12:30 PM

Cisco Exam

Start: 12:30 PM End: 2:30 PM

PNLSEC-1010 Panel: VPN

Start: 3:00 PM End: 5:00 PM

*** BRKCRS-3045 LISP - A Next Generation Networking Architecture



Start: 8:00 AM End: 9:30 AM

BRKDCT-2049 Overlay Transport Virtualization

Start: 10:00 AM End: 11:30 AM

*** GENKEY-7846 Keynote and Welcome Address

Start: 12:30 PM End: 2:30 PM

*** PNLRST-2303 Panel: Experiences with Deploying IPv6

Start: 4:00 PM End: 6:00 PM

BRKSPG-2602 IPv4 Exhaustion: NAT and Transition to IPv6



Start: 8:00 AM End: 10:00 AM

BRKRST-2335 IS-IS Network Design and Deployment

Start: 12:30 PM End: 2:30 PM

*** BRKRST-3500 Designing Multipoint WAN QoS


Start: 3:00 PM End: 3:30 PM

Micronics Booth for CCIE Flyer Elvis Guitar Giveaway

Start: 4:00 PM End: 6:00 PM

BRKDCT-2011 Design and Deployment of Data Center Interconnects using Advanced VPLS (A-VPLS)



Start: 8:00 AM End: 10:00 AM

BRKVIR-2007 Data Center Virtualization Case Study

Start: 10:30 AM End: 11:30 AM

GENKEY-7848 Closing Keynote: Author Ben Mezrich

Start: 12:00 PM End: 2:00 PM

BRKMPL-3102 Designing NGN SP/Enterprise Networks for Scale and Reliability

Start: 2:30 PM End: 4:30 PM

*** BRKSPG-2051 Evolution of Service Provider Edge Architectures

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