Thursday, December 9, 2010

January CCDE Practice Exams

Last month I presented my first CCDE practice exams to the public.  The offering was a success, and two of the participants went on the take the November CCDE Practical Exam.  Both indicated that the offering was a great help for their preparation.


Upcoming CCDE Practice Exams

Registration is now open for these practice exams in January 2011.  The Enterprise exam will be delivered to participants on Wednesday, January 5th.  The review session is scheduled for Saturday, January 8th @ 9am EST.  The Service Provider exam will be delivered to participants on Wednesday, January 12th and the review will take place on Saturday, January 15th @ 9am EST.  One item of feedback I received from the initial offering was that it would be nice to have more time between the practice exams and the real exam.  This schedule gives candidates four weeks to digest the information and reach out to me for follow-up guidance before taking the exam on February 15th.  I was also asked to move the review sessions to the weekend to accommodate busy work schedules.  If you are interested in the offering, but the dates listed above do not work for you, let me know.  We can work to find an alternate date/time to complete the review session.

The Registration pages for this offering can be found at:

Enterprise Exam

Service Provider Exam

Combo (Both exams at a discounted cost)

Please email me with any questions you may have (   As before, the first hour of the review session will include my presentation and an open discussion on the CCDE Practice Exam (format, testing experience, future developments).  The CCDE program is constantly being updated, and I do my best to keep this information up to date.  Former CCDE Practice Exam participants are invited to join this session to receive updated information.

Other News

I regret to announce that I will not be teaching the upcoming live CCDE Practical Bootcamp offered by CCBootcamp.  After reviewing my work/life balance for 2010, and my already full professional calendar for 2011, I cannot find the time to participate in this program.  I wish CCBootcamp the best of luck with their CCDE training.  I am confident that they will find a wonderful instructor to take my place.


Unknown said...

are you going to be offering this in preparation for the may practical?


Jeremy Filliben said...


I am planning to do so, but I can't guarantee it at this time.


Unknown said...

great! sounds good, will keep checking back!

Unknown said...

Hi, Jeremy. I´m very interesting in participate your program and I need to know that will you offer a full bootcamp style in the future?

Jeremy Filliben said...


I don't believe I will be teaching a full bootcamp in the near future. I will be posting a new update to my blog shortly explaining that I have taken a new job, which I expect will occupy much of my time. I do intend to continue offering the practice exams on a regular schedule (a few weeks prior to each Cisco CCDE exam).