Friday, May 25, 2012

July 2012 CCDE Practice Exams

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Registration is now open for the July 2012 CCDE Practice exam offering. I have completed two new scenarios, which brings the total offering to four scenarios. This equates to a full CCDE Practical exam. The scenarios have been written with the CCDE 2.0 technology changes in mind. The review session for the first two scenarios will take place on Saturday, July 14th at 9am EDT. The second review session will take place the following Saturday, July 21st at 9am EDT.

Pricing for the CCDE Practice Exam Offering is:
Two Scenarios (one review session) – $1095
All Four Scenarios (both review sessions) – $1795

As before, all participants are invited to attend the CCDE overview which will take place on Saturday, July 14th at 9am ET. It generally lasts one hour, and is followed by the scenario reviews. And as always, previous students are invited to attend the overview and the review session for any scenarios they have reviewed in the past. Simply send me an email at and I will provide the Webex login details.
In addition, I am extending a $400 discount to all prior participants for the new scenarios. If you previously participated in the two scenario sessions, I invite you to register for the new scenarios for a total price of $695. If you are interested in this offer, please write me an email at and I will provide you with a discount code.
Additional details can be found on the registration page at

Thank you for your interest,
Jeremy Filliben
CCDE #20090003

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