Live CCDE Practice Exams

If you are looking to begin your CCDE training earlier, please consider my self-paced CCDE Practice Exam option.

Registration is now open for my April 2015 CCDE Practice exam offering. This offering consists of four scenarios based on the current CCDE Blueprint. The review sessions will begin with an overview of the CCDE Practical exam. The following items will be covered (without violating Cisco NDA, of course!):
  • An overview of the CCDE exam format
  • Descriptions of the major technology areas and scenario formats from the CCDE blueprint
  • A detailed discussion of the CCDE question types and strategies for successfully completing the exam

The format of the CCDE practice exam offering is as follows:

Week 1

On Tuesday, April 21st you will receive two emails. The first is a Webex meeting invite for the April 25th review session. The second email contains the following attachments:
  • CCDE Practical Guidance - An overview of this offering, plus tips for the actual CCDE Practical exam
  • CCDE Practical Overview - A detailed look at the CCDE Practical exam format, technology areas and question types
  • Two CCDE practice exam scenarios that you will complete prior to the April 25th review session. 
The April 25th review session will begin at 9am ET and will last between 4-5 hours. During the first hour we will review the CCDE Practical Overview presentation. The remaining time will be spent covering each question of the first two CCDE practice exams. Candidate questions are highly encouraged during the review session, and can be submitted via Webex chat or via audio conference.

Week 2

On Tuesday, April 28th you will receive another pair of emails. The first email is a Webex meeting invite for the May 2nd review session. The second email contains two additional CCDE practice exam scenarios. The Saturday, May 2nd review session will begin at 9am ET and will last approximately four hours. During this session we will cover the second two practice exams. We will also reserve time at the end of the review session for any remaining CCDE questions.

Technical Content

We will cover a broad array of technical content from the current CCDE Blueprint. Topics will include:
  • IP Routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IS-IS)
  • Tunneling (MPLS, GRE, DMVPN)
  • Security (uRPF, Filtering, Encryption)
  • Quality of Service (Congestion Management, Congestion Avoidance, Packet Marking)
  • Network Management (Netflow, SNMP, IPFIX, out of band management)
The exams cover many network design challenges, balanced between Service Provider and Enterprise topics. To be clear, I do not cover all the technical content that candidates will face on the CCDE Practical exam. That would be impossible to do in four practice scenarios. The primary goals of this offering are: 
  1. Provide an experience-based overview of the CCDE Practical exam
  2. Familiarize candidates with the depth and breadth of individual CCDE Practical scenarios
  3. Share my methods for determining the correct answer for each type of question on the exam
Registration Details

The cost for this class is $995 USD. I am confident that my practice exam offering meets these goals. I encourage candidates to use the link below to register for this experience. Registrants for this practice exam offering are also invited to attend any future online review sessions, until they pass the CCDE Practical exam.

If you have any questions about the offering or the CCDE program, please write me at