Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why You Should Prepare For Your CCDE With Jeremy

Once you commit to pursuing the CCDE certification, your next decision is how to prepare for it. Here are ten reasons why you should trust me with your training:

1) Proven Success

I have trained 10x the successful CCDE candidates as all other CCDE training companies combined. Nearly 100 of the 300 CCDE candidates who passed since I first offered my training have attended my classes. Why risk your training time and money on an unproven training vendor?

2) Focused Training

I only provide CCDE training! I am not distracted by offering training in other Cisco disciplines like CCDA/CCDP, or CCIE tracks. All of my development time is focused on this one certification. If you need training for other certifications, I will happily recommend a great provider. But I won't be able to help you myself!

3) Professional Experience

I have been a network designer/architect for 20 years. I earned my first Expert level Cisco certification (CCIE R/S #3851) in June, 1998. I have worked on the networks of several of the world's largest companies (General Electric, Comcast, Level-3, JP Morgan Chase). I am employed as a network architect at a Fortune 500 company, and I provide consulting to several additional companies. I not only teach this material, I implement it as well.

4) Teaching Experience

I have led dozens of CCDE training sessions since I started provided CCDE training in 2010. I know how to get critical concepts across to my students, and I am always available via email, Skype, or chat to offer advice and encouragement. I even earned the Certified Cisco Systems Instructor designation in 2010.

5) Long Involvement with the CCDE Program

I was present at the launch of the CCDE certification at Cisco Live in Anaheim, California in 2007. I was an active member of the CCDE beta team, and I was among the first handful of engineers to earn my CCDE certification (February 2009, CCDE #2009::3). I have lived and breathed CCDE subject matter since before other CCDE trainers had even heard of the program.

6) CCDE Success

I'm not normally one to boast, but I passed the CCDE certification exam on my first attempt. No other CCDE trainer can make this claim.

7) Clear and Legible Training Materials

As a native English speaker I am able to generate content that is easy to understand. You won't struggle to understand me whether you are in the classroom or online. This helps if you are also a native English speaker, but it is even more critical if English is not your primary language.

8) I have access to a wealth of CCDE-related minds

I am friends with many current and former CCDE program members. While this does not provide me with access to NDA materials (I would never cross that line!), it does allow me to keep current with developments in the CCDE program. My materials are always targeted at the current version of the exam.

9) Cisco Employees Trust Me, You Should Too

I have provided training for over 30 Cisco-employed CCDEs. I am a registered Cisco vendor and I have provided my classes on-site at Cisco offices. If you can't trust Cisco's judgment, who can you trust?

10) Simple Business Model

My CCDE business model is incredibly simple. You have two options:

          Option 1) Sign up for my online CCDE training for $995 USD. This entitles you to unlimited access to my online materials until you pass the CCDE Practical exam.

          Option 2) Sign up for my 5-day bootcamp class for $4995 USD. This allows you to attend one of my five-day bootcamp classes in person, or online; whichever works best for you. It also entitles you to unlimited access to my online materials until you pass the CCDE Practical exam. If you want to attend the bootcamp again you may do so for a nominal materials fee of $299 USD.

      Simple, right? No subscriptions, no upcharges, etc. Sign up for my training and I will work with you until you pass the exam. That's the guarantee I made my first students in 2010, and it is the guarantee I still provide today. Nearly 100 successful CCDE candidates can't be wrong!

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